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Million Sunflower Garden 百万葵园 – Guangzhou, China

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Million Sunflower Garden 百万葵园 – Guangzhou, China

Sunflower is among beautiful flowers ever exist on earth with a life span of 50 days. The fresh feed of sunflower is a good remedy for acne sufferers. If you are a sunflower lover, you might find Million Sunflower Garden in Guangzhou the most stunning place to enjoy the beauty of sunflowers. In summer 2009, my friends and I took quite a long journey to the Million Sunflower Garden. Not many tourists know this ecological garden since it is less famous compared to other tourist spots. However, it is regarded as one of the most interesting places in Guangzhou as spotted in the Guangzhou travel map. So, visiting the garden will give you a totally different experience from other common tourist visitors.

The Million Sunflower garden is situated in the Panyu area, which needs two-hour trip from the central Guangzhou. Take MTR until you reach the Jinzhou station. Sunflower Garden (56) From that point, continue by taking a cab or a special bus that takes visitors to the park. On weekends and holidays, you could take a shuttle bus that usually runs from Guangzhou Zoo to the site, which operates at 9 am – 5 pm. The park is open everyday from 9 am to 5 pm with the admission fee of 68 Yuan for adults.

Sunflower Garden (95)

The Million sunflower garden arouses curiosity to those who hear it. What does million of sunflowers mean? Yes, indeed, the garden has abundant sunflowers and sparkles irresistible beauty. The garden is filled with over one million sunflowers that blossom all year around. Covering an area of 260,000 square meters, it houses over one million ornamental sunflowers imported form Japan. It then becomes the largest garden with the most sunflowers in Guangdong province, which is recorded in the Guinness Book of World Record for having the most sunflowers grown in one area. There was also a plan to import around 100,000 tulips from the Netherland for an exhibition.

Since the garden is a rare landmark in Guangzhou, it is nominated as the prestigious tourist spot in the Guinness Book of World Record. The idea to build the garden was originally inspired by a paint of the famous painter from Holland, Van Gough, who one century ago painted a very classic sunflower, which is not simply a flower but a reflection of passion. The garden might be the only ecological garden in Guangzhou which uses sunflowers as its main theme and its opening has marked a new genre of international garden concept in China that uses a particular flower as its major theme.

Various Flowers

The garden has a collection of various sunflowers, including the most common sunflower with a green core and bright yellow petals, the red sunflower, super sunflower, and most famous of all is the one named after the Holland famous painter, the “Van Gogh sunflower”. In adding variety to the species in the garden, the latest method called gene engineering was applied. Seeds of certain species were also imported from Japan and Europe and planted with a very good care.

Inside the garden, there is a long lane with sunflowers on each side of the road. However, at that time, most sunflowers were not in the blooming period. They looked pale and fainted. I believe during the blooming period, over one million sunflowers are ready to welcome you with big bright smiles. :)

Sunflower Garden (108)

Sunflower Garden (13)

Fortunately some sunflowers were blooming so I could take this picture =D

Sunflower Garden (8)

Apart from sunflowers that dominate the garden, there are also other beautiful flowers like this one.

Sunflower Garden (60)

For those who love purple flowers :)

Sunflower Garden (61)

I don’t know the name of this flower. Can someone tell me?

Various Games

When I arrived there, my image about the garden was totally changed. The garden is not only a garden full with sunflowers, but it also has various interesting games designed for kids and adults who still like playing around… hehe…

Sunflower Garden (212)

There is a funny game called “hamtaro” game, where you could just get inside a big balloon and roll your feet to direct the balloon to a certain place. It is exactly like the one your hamster plays at home.. It was so fun playing that game, at least to reduce stress.. haha..

Sunflower Garden (3)

Walking on unstable bamboos is a fun and challenging thing to do. You should try this game.

Sunflower Garden (205)

Ask your friend to push you as strongly as possible, then off you will go and experience the thrill.

Sunflower Garden (187)

You don’t need to do a photoshop to have funny expressions. The garden provides magic mirrors with which you could have  various funny expressions and shapes as you like.

Various Animals

The garden is also a house to squirrels, small dotted pigs, fish and birds. There are nearly 1000 baby squirrels and 300 small pigs. Besides that, there is a huge cage keeping over 10.000 birds.

Sunflower Garden (99)

The first bird cage I found when I entered the garden

Sunflower Garden (100)

A small fish pond with small fish

Sunflower Garden (211)

I never see such small cute pigs like the ones in the garden. They were all so cuttteee =D

Sunflower Garden (172)

A big fish pond with big gold fish and a fountain. The fish were very excited when we were in the middle of the pond. They were swimming toward us trying to get some food from us. I could feel how those fish kissed my feet..

Various Sites

Inside the garden there are also wonderful spots where couples take their pre-wedding pictures in the midst of blooming flowers and unique statues. In different places of the garden are statues of various shapes such as car, love, etc. I hope one day I could do my pre-wedding photo session there… (haha). If you plan to get married, the garden is a perfect place to get beautiful pictures with stunning view all over the place.

Sunflower Garden (5)

Butterfly-shaped artificial flowers

Sunflower Garden (20)

Car statue in the midst of the garden

Sunflower Garden (83)

Frame statue

Sunflower Garden (32)

Giant shoe statue for those who wish to be a Cinderella

Sunflower Garden (79)

Love-shaped artificial flowers symbolizing everlasting love. Isn’t it very beautiful?

Sunflower Garden (85)

L is for the way you look at me

O is for the only one I need

V is very very extraordinary

E is even more than anyone you can adore

Sunflower Garden (142)

Pink car statue expressing youthful spirit and excitement

Sunflower Garden (44)

Almost at the end of the garden, there is a special building that showcases various cartoon and animation characters, like Conan and many others, you name it. Since I am not into cartoon, I can’t remember all of them. If you are a Cartoon freak, this site is a place you must visit.

Sunflower Garden (40)

In front of the Cartoon building, there are many other statues of Japanese Cartoon characters. Among them are Doraemon, Dragon Ball, and Sailormoon.

We spent the whole day exploring the garden. The area was so massive that it seemed as if one day was not enough to explore the whole site. There were too many things to see. Finally, at 5 pm, we started to feel very tired and decided to go home. However, the journey really gave us deep impression and it was really worth it.

Sunflower Garden (215)


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